Confection Selection is coming back IN PERSON in 2023!

Mark your calendar to shop your favorite goodies indoors on December 9th, 2023, from 9:30am-Noon at Grace United Reformed Church! Confections will be sold first come first serve by the pound. Curbside pickup is a thing of the past, we can’t wait to serve you inside!

Do you love all the Christmas cookies and candies, but don’t want to make multiple batches yourself or have dozens of each kind?

Confection Selection solves your holiday treat needs. Pick a small bag of everything! Create a gift plate for your secretary or piano teacher from our carefully curated shop filled with beautiful homemade cookies and candies. Choose just what you need for a party platter or dinner with friends.

Come inside and shop our wonderful assortment of goodies. Pick up a container then fill it as your heart desires! Bulk confections will be sold by weight.

Buying homemade, hand-decorated and frosted Christmas sugar cookies is worth the savings in time and mess alone.

On top of that, every penny goes to You Medical to support the community and spread love and kindness to those in need year-round.

Mark your calendar for December 9th, 2023 from 9:30am-noon, or until sold out!

Preorder your personalized gingerbread men!


Confection Selection is a ministry of
 Grace United Reformed Church, Kennewick WA